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 Originally from France, I have been living in Brisbane for over 10 years now. My interest for art and curiosity for life gradually combined, as I was embracing a culture that wasn’t mine. The depth of my reflexions and the inspiration from my surroundings allowed me the express metaphors and symbolisms that one can relate, through the image and the words. 


The concept of “Blackground” is the notion of distraction and focus towards life. The more we focalise our attention on what matters to us, the distractions then become a void, where all is possible, but nothing is yet. Examples of nature, society, relationships and passions manifest themselves in my mind, which could find a way to visualise it and express it, in a language that wasn’t mine. 


The insight that completes the design consists of reflexions and process towards the image. The words offer metaphors and lyrical abilities, in order to enhance an experience. Ultimately, the title becomes part of the metaphor.

This art has allowed me to embrace, comprehend, appreciate and accept a life that my choices and my surrounding offer each day. And the people that bring their world along with others in beauty inspire me to share my visions. 



Thank you for your curiosity and support, and I hope you enjoyed stepping into my mind for a bit.

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